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Femme Fatale release

We're so excited to be able to share with you, #FemmeFatale! You can download the album for FREE and also get the additional digital album sleeve, complete with exclusive photos from our shoot. Stream below! Femme Fatale, by Local 92.9  

REVIEW: ‘Zoolander 2’

Some sequels are made for the potential of a big box office draw. Some sequels are made strictly for super fans of the original film.  In the case of Zoolander 2, it is definitely the latter.

Femme Fatale: Hunter Stamas

We chatted with our Hera, Hunter Stamas of Hunter about finding confidence in giving people something unexpected. Hera is the goddess of marriage and exhibiting power, status, and leadership over her relationships. Obviously, not the marriage part, even though a band is sort of like a marriage, but how do you feel you relate? Being…

My Mother's Moustache

Band Members: Joe Sabourin: Guitar/Vocals Aaron Abrahamson Cote: Drums Will Anderson: Bass Click here to listen to "Stories We Tell" Bio: My Mother's Moustache. A unique name deserves an even more unique style of music. With a blending of rock and roll mentality, jazz composition, and world music rhythms and grooves you can be sure this band…

Mike Shinoda and Music For Relief

Today is Mike Shinoda’s birthday, and while it’s common for rockers to support a variety of causes that are near and dear to their heart, Shinoda and Linkin Park took it a step further and created their own charity.