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Thanksgiving Weekend TV Guide - What's On

Let's face it it's a TV weekend!  I know CEO Jerry Stritzke from REI thinks we should #OptOutside (great idea especially with some nice weather predicted),  but truthfully, this weekend was tailor made for plopping your arse on the couch and watching television, all while powering down your 3rd turkey sandwich.  

Obama Sings On Coldplay's New Album

Get ready for Coldplay's new album "A Head Full Of Dreams" due Demember 4th.  It has an A-list of guest performers; Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Gwenyth Paltrow etc.  Plus, the leader of the free world?   Yep.  Chris Martin used a sample of President Obama's touching rendition of Amazing Grace (below) which he spontaneously broke into…

WATCH: Coleman Hell Video

Great new tune from this Canadian guy who's currently on tour with Robert DeLong. He's big into electronic sound and in fact the banjo you hear on "2 Heads"  is just a couple of notes looped. But per usual, the video is twisted. Check it out here- Anything in particular stand out about the bride??…

This Guy Cut Me Off - Amy Brooks

Yesterday, I was driving minding my own.  And on the loop ramp from the Mass Pike to the Expressway this guy came outta nowhere, sneaked right in front of me.  NH plate.  I'm all pissed off.  Then, suddenly my mood changed.